MBCD - Morell Bauzá Cartagena & Dapena

Our team

Corporate and Banking

Pedro A. Morell
Gladys Fontánez
Darissa Hernández
Jorge A. Morales Cordero
Jorge Souss

Labor and Employment


Ramón E. Dapena
Rosángela Sanfilippo
Giovanna Moreno
Francisco Chévere


(federal, state and arbitrations cases)

Germán J. Brau
Edgardo Cartagena
Maritza Candelaria
Ramón E. Dapena
Iván Lladó
Victor Quiñones


Antonio Bauzá
Efrain Irizarry
German Ojeda Bracero
Lucas Limonta Lausell

Environmental Law

Guillermo Silva Wiscovich

Health Law

Laura Torres
Ramón E. Dapena

Land Use and Permitting

Guillermo Silva Wiscovich

Hato Rey

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